One of the key surgical treatments for looking 10 years younger is a thread lift. Dr. Mooney uses the newest technology in threads which feature an absorbable suture made from polylactic and glycolic acid with bidirectional resorbable cones. This technology has proven to deliver great patient satisfaction with an excellent safety and tolerance profile. As the procedure is minimally invasive it can be performed in-clinic with minimal downtime and recovery.

Thread lifting is for both men and women and allows the face to be reshaped via repositioning the sagging tissue of the face and neck with additional volume restoration through the stimulation of collagen.  Essentially, the treatment restores the ‘triangle of youth’ by immediately repositioning the tissue, with a gradual reconstruction of volume to follow.  The procedure is indicated to treat the contour of the face including cheeks, eyebrows, and neck.

Thread lifts are an ideal alternative for patients who are not yet ready for a surgical face lift but do have signs of sagging soft tissue in the face. As the procedure is minimally invasive it can be completed in Dr. Mooney’s clinic at Bondi Junction. A local anaesthetic is administered to the area and the suture is inserted under the skin using a fine needle with NO incisions. Typically, the benefits can lift up to 18 months but often longer. The procedure can also be combined with other treatments such as muscle relaxants and hyaluronic acid fillers.

If you are considering any of the surgeries mentioned above then please contact us for a full consultation with Dr. Mooney to discuss your individual needs and to assess whether the procedures are the right option for you.