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Dr William Mooney

Today, operating is about embracing technological and medical advancements. A surgeon must be flexible to change as each of us needs to constantly self-evaluate, modify and improve our practice.

A huge advancement for the cosmetic industry is more thoroughly assessing the overall health of the patient, especially mental health, prior to surgery. We now place huge importance on lifestyle, naturopathy and the human psyche. Accommodating these holistic factors represents new thinking for traditional medicine; however, I am convinced they yield better long-term results.

We are living in an era of extraordinary scientific advancements. We now use better materials, better medicines and better anaesthetic techniques. These medical improvements help us care for our patients and achieve better results long term.

We are also moving away from conventional surgical techniques and developing less invasive, in clinic, injectable options. The younger generations are dictating this demand for better product, for less with immediate results. While these cost-effective alternatives won’t always replace surgery, they fill a critical gap in the cosmetic market.

This website was designed as a platform for my team and I to discuss some of the incredible new technological and medical advancements and techniques in our field. Whether you are a medical student, future client, or simply someone interested in studying this field more deeply, I hope this website is a useful resource for you.

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